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RIte Smiles and RIte Care - health benefits & dental care for Rhode Island children

Did you know that 87,562 children age 15 and under in Rhode Island currently receive their dental benefits and care through the RIte Smiles program? 

RIte Smiles y RIte Care – beneficios a la salud y atención dental para los niños de Rhode Island

¿Sabía usted que 87,562 niños de 15 años y menos en Rhode Island actualmente reciben sus beneficios y atención dental a través del programa RIte Smiles?

In the Community: Oral Health Care Kits

This fall, TeethFirst! and Rhode Island KIDS COUNT partnered with Project Undercover to distribute over 700 oral health care kits to children and families in Providence. These oral health care kits provide the tools and information needed to put our children on a path to healthy smiles for a lifetime.

En la comunidad: Juegos para la atención de la salud oral

Este otoño, TeethFirst! y Rhode Island KIDS COUNT se asociaron a Project Undercover para distribuir más de 700 juegos para la atención de la salud oral a niños y familias en Providence. Estos juegos para la atención de la salud oral proporcionan las herramientas y la información necesarias para poner a nuestros niños en el camino hacia disfrutar sonrisas saludables durante toda la vida. 

New states to join network to expand oral health access

Written by: Children's Dental Health Project blog: Teeth Matter

This blog post was written for the Children's Dental Health Project blog: Teeth Matter and is shared with permission.

Chewing Gum Containing Xylitol Can Help Protect Teeth!

While nothing can replace the importance of brushing and flossing twice a day, did you know that chewing sugarless gum can help keep cavities away?

There are many different kinds of chewing gum available at the store. Many of them are sugar-free and have artificial sweeteners in them to make them taste good.

Chewing any type of sugar-free gum can help keep your mouth clean, since gum chewing produces saliva, which bathes teeth in a cavity-fighting rinse.

¡Mascar goma que tenga xilitol puede ayudar a proteger los dientes!

Si bien nada puede reemplazar la importancia de cepillarse los dientes y usar hilo dental dos veces por día, ¿sabía que mascar goma sin azúcar puede ayudar a prevenir las caries?

Hay muchos tipos diferentes de goma para mascar disponibles en la tienda. Muchos de ellos no contienen azúcar y tienen edulcorantes artificiales para que tengan buen sabor.

Mascar cualquier tipo de goma sin azúcar puede ayudar a mantener limpia la boca, ya que mascar goma produce saliva, lo que baña a los dientes con un enjuague que previene las caries.

Fluoride varnish in a busy pediatric office? Yes, you can do it!

Written by: Ailis Clyne, MD, MPH

When our practice was contacted about training for applying fluoride varnish a couple of years ago, it sounded like a great service to provide our patients.  But, we were worried about working in another component to well baby visits.  How do you apply it?  Who would apply it?  How long does it take?  Can you bill for the service?  What needs to be documented?

Oral Health Booklets for Dental Providers - Available in Multiple Languages

We do all that we can to make information available to as many people as possible. That's why we were very excited to find that Global Child Dental Fund in London, England has downloadable booklets that address important childhood oral health topics in many different languages.

Is Fluoride Rinse Right For Your Child?

The quick answer is: YES!

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in water. Fluoride is very important for children as their teeth grow and they get older because it helps to stop cavities and makes their teeth stronger. When a tooth is weakened by tooth decay, fluoride is absorbed into the tooth to make it strong again.

One way to help your child get enough fluoride is to use a fluoride rinse after brushing.

What is a fluoride rinse?


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