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A Fun Place to Learn About Your Child’s Teeth and How to Take Care of Them

Our blog and website here at TeethFirst! offers you lots of great resources that will help make taking care of your child’s teeth easier.  Sometimes, that means sending you to other websites that we think will be fun for you and your child to use. One of our favorites is called 2min2x.org. It has great information about your child’s growing teeth and how to care for them, but it also has fun stuff for kids!  We think you’ll enjoy it and find it very useful.

Here’s what you’ll find there.

Watch & Brush!

Here you’ll be able to play a lot of fun videos that last for two minutes each. Have your child select a video and start brushing!  The brushing is done when the video stops.  Do this two times and day and your child will be well on the way to building good brushing habits.

For parents, there’s a link to download a sticker chart that will help you keep track of your child’s brushing.  Print out the chart and place a sticker on it every time your child brushes as a reward for a job well done!

Kids’ healthy mouths

This section of the website features healthy mouth information for different stages of your child’s life.  From those very first baby teeth coming in, all the way up until they start falling out to make way for adult teeth, you’ll find quick and easy to read instructions on what’s right for your child at any age.

About Kids’ Teeth

Here you can learn about:

  • Tooth development from birth to age 21
  • Teething
  • Thumb sucking
  • Nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet
  • Tooth decay in babies
  • Cavity prevention

Helpful Resources

The resources page has a list of links to even more information from places like the American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives and even Sesame Street!

We encourage you to visit 2min2x.org for great videos and information!

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