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Oral health literacy: 3 key questions to ask

This guest blog post was authored by Jennifer S. Holtzman, D.D.S., Assistant Researcher at UCLA's School of Dentistry, Public Health and Community Dentistry Division. This blog post was written for the Children's Dental Health Project blog: Teeth Matter and is shared with permission.

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Oral health is integral to a child’s overall health and well-being and physicians have the rare opportunity to provide a major line of defense against future oral disease. Although it is recommended that a child’s first dental visit occur at the eruption of the first tooth and no later than 12 months of age, most parents do not know this or do not have a relationship with a dentist who will see a child that young.  Due to these barriers, a child’s primary care provider is often the first clinician to examine a child’s mouth. 

Crear hábitos saludables de cepillado: Consejos de una higienista dental

Escrito por: Cynthia Johnson CDA, RDH, BS, MA

Crear hábitos saludables de cepillado: Consejos de una higienista dental

“¡Es hora de cepillarte los dientes!”  Esta rutina diaria puede ser divertida y problemática al mismo tiempo.

 Muchos padres y personas que cuidan a niños saben lo difícil que es lograr que los niños se cepillen los dientes. ¡Estas son algunas maneras que puede usar para hacer que cepillarse y usar el hilo dental diariamente sea un hábito simple y divertido!

Creating Healthy Brushing Habits: Advice From a Dental Hygienist

Escrito por: Cynthia Johnson CDA,RDH,BS,MA

“It‘s time to brush your teeth!”  This daily routine can be fun, yet challenging at the same time. 
Many parents and caregivers know how hard it can be to get kids to brush their teeth. Here are some ways that you can make daily brushing and flossing an easy and fun habit!

How I Help Keep Precious Little Smiles Healthy: A Pediatrician’s Mission

Escrito por: Patricia Flanagan, M.D.

As a pediatrician, very little cheers me up more than a bubbly, giggly toddler grin.  It makes my day every time!

That precious little smile is so very important, too. Not only is it a sign of physical health, social-emotional and developmental well-being, but it’s also a sign of oral health and a reminder of the importance of early dental care. That’s why I make sure that I address caring for teeth during every well baby visit. 

¡Excelentes libros para los pequeños que usan cepillos!

Leer a sus niños sobre los dientes, los hábitos de cepillarse y visitar al dentista es una excelente manera de ayudar a su niño a aprender sobre tener una sonrisa saludable. Estos son algunos de nuestros libros favoritos que le ayudarán a que su niño se sienta inspirado a cuidar esos pequeños dientes.

Brush, Brush, Brush! (¡Cepillar, cepillar, cepillar!) por Alicia Padron (de 1 año en adelante)

Great Books for Young Brushers!

Reading to your child about teeth, brushing habits and visiting the dentist is a great way to help your child learn about having a healthy smile. Here are some of our favorite books that will help you inspire your child to take care of those little teeth.

Brush, Brush, Brush! by Alicia Padron (Ages 1 and up)

Making Rhode Island’s Children Healthier: Addressing Oral Health in Primary Care

Escrito por: Peter Pogacar, MD, FAAP

When I was a pediatric resident training to become a pediatrician, we received very little instruction regarding children's teeth and oral health in general. We spent the majority of our time in the hospital taking care of the very sick. Most of the oral health problems we encountered were due to the advanced treatments or medications the children were enduring. We were involved with specialists treating every organ system in the human body, but I don't remember even once consulting with the pediatric dentists.


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