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Physician-Based Comprehensive Preventive Oral Health Services (POHS) Associated with Reduced Dental Caries

A retrospective study conducted by Ashley M. Kranz, Ph.D, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her colleagues linked 29,173 kindergarten students through Medicaid claims and public health surveillance data to reveal some interesting findings with regard to POHS and dental caries.

Accidents Happen: Keep this Dental Trauma App Handy to Help Save Little Teeth!

Accidents happen every day, and sometimes, somebody loses or hurts a tooth!

This Dental Trauma app is a virtual dental First Aid kit. It will tell you what to do based on the type of trauma a tooth has received. If a tooth is totally knocked out completely, your quick and correction action can help save it!

This app is great for parents and caregivers, teachers, sports coaches and child care providers to have on hand.

Los accidentes suelen ocurrir: Tenga esta aplicación sobre traumas dentales a mano para ayudar a salvar los dientes pequeños

Los accidentes suelen ocurrir todos los días, y a veces, alguien pierde o daña un diente.

Esta aplicación sobre traumas dentales es un juego virtual de primeros auxilios dentales. Le indicará qué hacer según el tipo de trauma que haya sufrido el diente. Si el diente se cayó del todo, una decisión rápida y correcta puede ayudar a salvarlo.

Esta aplicación es excelente para que padres y personas que cuidan a niños, maestros, entrenadores deportivos y proveedores de cuidado infantil la tengan a mano.

¿Qué dientes y cuándo? Una guía para padres

Entre los 6 meses y los 10 meses, aparecerán los primeros dientes de su bebé. Esto se llama dentición.

Usualmente, primero aparecen los dientes de abajo, por lo tanto, preste atención. Una vez que aparecen los dientes de su bebé, llegó el momento de comenzar a cepillarlos suavemente con una pequeña cantidad (el tamaño de un grano de arroz) de pasta dental con fluoruro en un cepillo de dientes para bebé.

Which Teeth and When? A Parent's Guide

At around the age of 6 months to 10 months, your baby’s first teeth will appear. This is called teething.

The lower teeth usually come in first, so be on the lookout! Once your baby's teeth appear, it's time to start brushing them gently with a smear (the size of a grain of rice) of fluoride toothpaste on an infant-sized toothbrush.

A rule change that would make dental coverage more affordable

Escrito por: Colin Reusch, of the Children's Dental Health Project

Written by: Children's Dental Health Project blog: Teeth Matter

This blog post was written for the Children's Dental Health Project blogTeeth Matter and is shared with permission.

¿Qué es una cavidad?

Muchos de nosotros hemos oído hablar de las cavidades, pero, ¿qué son?

Una cavidad es un agujero en el diente que, con el tiempo, se vuelve más grande y más profundo. Algunas veces, a las cavidades se las llama caries dentales. Las peligrosas bacterias de las cavidades pueden fácilmente contagiarse en una familia.

What is a Cavity?

Many of us have heard of cavities, but what are they?

A cavity is a hole in the tooth that grows bigger and deeper over time. Cavities are also sometimes called dental caries. Harmful bacteria from cavities can spread easily within a family.

Children's Dental Health Month - TeethFirst! & RI child care providers

In celebration of Children’s Dental Health Month, TeethFirst! conducted an outreach campaign through child care providers in Rhode Island, to help us reach children under age five and their families.

Great Oral Health Books for Your Child!

The Maryland Dental Action Coalition is a nonprofit organization that works to help improve the oral health of children in Maryland. They have carefully researched and released a great list of 22 books about oral health for children up to six years old. It is their goal to help children and the people who take care of them find fun books to read that will educate families on how to care for young teeth.


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