TeethFirst! Creating healthy smiles for a lifetime.
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Slide Why Early Dental Visits Matter

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Watch TeethFirst’s latest video to learn more about what to expect during your child’s first dental visit!


Akeem and his parents meet the dentist at his first dental visit.



Gabriella shows off her healthy smile to her dentist.



Creating healthy smiles for a lifetime.

A child’s first teeth are important!
A lifetime of healthy smiles starts with families caring for a child’s first teeth with an early visit to the dentist, making first teeth a priority from the very beginning. Even very young children benefit from a simple checkup to help prevent problems and build good habits.


Tooth Talk

El video es para los nuevos padres, especialmente ... READ MORE »

Hey Families, Did You Know?

Baby teeth can get cavities as soon as they appear. Bring your child to a dentist by age one for a simple checkup so that first teeth can start healthy and stay healthy.

Dentists, Are You Aware That...

By choosing to open your practice to young children, you can become a vital part of their health care team, build your practice and gain a great patient for life!

Fun Fact For Physicians!

As a child’s primary physician, you can be the bridge that links very young children to a dental home where you’ll have an ally in your efforts to keep your patients healthy!

You Can Help Your Community!

You can help spread the word about the importance of early oral care to parents and caregivers and play a vital role in getting kids to the dentist early and regularly.

TeethFirst! Creating healthy smiles for a lifetime.