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Parents Say: "My Kids Forget to Brush Their Teeth"

According to a recent survey released by the national Ad Council, 75% of the parents surveyed said that their children either sometimes or frequently forget to brush their teeth.

This is very concerning, since  more than 51 million school hours are missed due to dental-related issues that could be prevented with good tooth care at home. No child needs to have a cavity or pain in their mouth!

What's happening?

Part of the problem is that many parents and caregivers place tooth brushing on the low end of importance compared to other things like homework, nutrition, and protection from colds and flu. Many parents and caregivers find it hard to get their child to brush their teeth, and so they let it go.

Putting away the battle of the brush

If you are having a hard time getting your child to brush his or her teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, you are not alone. Many parents have the same problem.

Parenting can be hard for many reasons, but the good news is that getting kids to brush their teeth happily and easily can be done with just a little creativity and a good attitude.

If brushing is fun, they will be more likely to do it and you won't have to add it to your list of battles to fight - save those battles for putting toys away and homework!

Helpful tips for happy brushing

We suggest visiting the 2MIN2X website where many parents have used the 2-minute long, fun tooth brushing videos to help their kids stay focused on brushing. Many parents who have tried the site report that their kids actually look forward to watching the videos!  You can play them on your phone or on a nearby computer.

There are other ways to be fun and creative when getting kids to brush for two minutes two times a day.

You could:

  • Sing silly songs to your child for two minutes while he or she brushes
  • Brush for two minutes together using a timer.
  • Reward your child for brushing well with stickers on a sticker chart (there’s one you can print from the 2MIN2X website), reading a favorite book, or another fun activity they choose.

You know your child best, so figure out the best ways to make tooth brushing a fun and important twice-daily activity. Your child will be healthier – and happier –and so will you!

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